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edit: hahah it's just gonna be crap forever

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helo friends
uvu get to know me
and i'll be better

and i don't normally talk like this all the time
my typing grammar and patterns depend on yours
trust me i'm sophisticated

also shhh my real name is Katherine

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ahhahdh irl


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I have taken the liberty to remove the stamps uvu
idk note me if you want to see????
they're in my favorites omf



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who plays what sport? 

3 deviants said None lmao
2 deviants said Lacrosse
2 deviants said Tennis
2 deviants said Other?? (Comment please uvu I couldn't fit all of them on here qwq)
1 deviant said Volleyball
No deviants said Basketball
No deviants said Soccer
No deviants said Water polo/ Swim
No deviants said Baseball/ Softball
No deviants said Football

//rant .o.

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 6, 2014, 5:30 PM

Things have been going slow just as a informital thing?

 Anyway, during volleyball  a LOT of shit went wrong because our coach wasn't there during the summer and my brother was coaching, he allowed 26 effing people on the team...and I was supposed to be second string 5 hitter but i was bumbped  to 4th because this other girl came from vacation and was "guaranteed" a tryout bc she missed the originals. THEN the two other girls parents were pissed and yelled at our coach so they get more play time. Not being self conceeded but overall I'm a pretty well rounded player, I hit decent, can for sure set and pass, which is why i'm confused as to why I'm not playing.

Lmao now I know thats what everyone thinks but, the thing is we started with 18 girls and thensome were gonna get cut.  Hear me out, they may hit better than me, but they hit it out or into the net 60% of the time. They miss their serves DURING GAMES. and they can't really set or pass to a point where its second nature. 

Our coach alienated the starters form the rest so now we're "squad 2" when we're actually a fucking team??? And the starters treat us like shit sometimes. While we're on the bench screaming out heads off cheering, they have the shittiest attitudes on the court and we loose. Our coach keeps making promises to pull people out if they're "not performing" or "have a bad attitude" BUT HE NEVER DOES??? Ugh 

so today we had hitting lines and the first and second string girls are vERY rude. Like they'll cut me and push me out of the way, etc. When the set is SHITTY they'll be like "nO you cant go again!!!!! that set was perFECT!!!" and today my sets were not the best. As a 5 hitter you're supposed to hit line or deeeeep corner/angle. the sets are super tight and I hate it. Backsetting is hard, but it is just like ughh.

And then when our setter told me to go and retry the second string girl wouldn't let me get an approch! sshe was blocking me and the SET WAS PERFECT? and then our coach got mad and yelled at me because i went under WHEN SHE WAS FUCKING BLOCKING ME. yet they get to go again when the set was "bad" or they hit it into the net. They legit said "You just want to go again because you hit it into the net." I'm like shut the fuck up, what kinda friend are you. I don't care if you're joking, you don't say that, it's just rude. Tbh, the whole time I couldn't tell if they just hate me, or if they were messing with me because they do not pick on aNY other girl in our line. 

I'm just tired and done cause this team is a joke. And most of the girls sitting on the bench agree with me. It's rediculous, and this was just 30 minutes of it. It is wAY worse.

sorry for that, i just was really fed up with people 

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